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Is Neuropathy Nerve Pain keeping you from what you love?
Spagyrics products deliver fast-acting, topical
relief so you can get back to doing more.
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The safe, gentle, non-drowsy, all natural formulas relieve pain so you can get back to doing more.
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We understand your pain

Pain relief that leaves you in a fog, drowsy, or gaining weight doesn’t get your life back.

Spagyric’s all natural product line is a non-prescription, no side effects, pain relief option that helps you RECLAIM YOUR LIFE.

While we don’t claim to cure nerve pain, most Spagyrics customers experience fast, temporary pain relief that allows pain-free movement and better sleep.

About our products

Fast pain relief

Our unique rubbing oil formulas penetrate skin quickly for fast-acting pain relief. When pain relief AND hydrating skin repair is needed, use NEW dual action Intensive Foot Therapy lotion.

Trusted quality

You can trust the quality of Spagyrics products. All are produced with the highest quality ingredients at clean sterile facility in the United States.

No side effects

The all natural formulas blend homeopathic ingredients and 10 essential oils for no side effects, non-drowsy pain relief.

Satisfaction guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. Spagyrics products help most experience fast, temporary relief but we know it may not help everyone. If it doesn't help your pain, we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee refund, no questions asked. See FAQs for more details.


“ I HAVE been using this for months on my neuropathy on the bottom of my foot. It was very painful, especially at night when I went to bed. Using this has stopped the pain! It is almost like it freezes it. After using it several times a day, now I only use it once or twice a day yo maintain my results. Wonderful product ”


“ I am a diabetic , I have neuropathy pretty bad in my feet. I have tried other products claiming to help, but have been very disappointed until this product. I figured what can it hurt to try. I was so pleased with the results. It didn't take the pain and tingling completely away but it does diminish it quit a bit. I would say about 85% improved. Please try this product. You WILL love it. I plan to purchase more ”