Neuropathy Pain Relief Cream for Hands

Multi-action neuropathy support supplement management, formulated to moisturize, Increase blood flow and sensitivity, and warm your hands. Activates a special sensory pathway right below the skin’s surface, which stimulates the nerves, bringing back your sensation and delivering powerful EFFECTIVE relief. Get the Neuropathy Support YOU Deserve Today.


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Welcome Back Productivity

A perfectly sensory pair of hands can do wonders, and with them, so can you. We at Spagyrics understand that and have developed our pain relief cream to stimulate the nerve endings just under your skin in a natural and non-irritative manner to provide sensory perception again without eliciting pain. So, reclaim your hands and welcome productivity back with open arms.

Bringing Your Most Versatile Tools Back To You

We at Spagyrics can agree that of all the organs affected by neuropathy, none dampens your productivity more than altered or lost sensations in your hands. Your hands are a productivity workhorse, and Spagyrics Pain Relief Cream for Hands exists for that very purpose.
This multi-action formulation is designed to increase circulatory flow in the hands and moisturize and augment the healing pathways of the body. What you get is a pair of warm, hydrated, pain-free hands that can feel alive again, and we mean alive

Excellent Safety Profile

Spagyrics hand cream is non-prescription hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. Unlike modern medicine, our hand cream won’t have you gaining weight or feeling foggy or sleepy. You can rest easy knowing that we do not compromise on the safety profiles of our products, and you may even start believing side effects to be a thing of the past.