Neuropathy Foot Pain Relief

Fast, targeted relief from neuropathy without side effects.

The topical analgesic provides temporary relief from burning, shooting, prickling, tingling, stabbing pain and numbness. The safe, non-drowsy plant extract formula blends homeopathic ingredients and 10 essential oils to provide optimal transdermal delivery for fast relief. 2 FL OZ

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Quick Absorption for Even Quicker Relief

Spagyrics Elixir is carefully designed from the ground up by our talented team to ensure rapid absorption through the skin, allowing precisely targeted action. A simple message onto the affected area is simply a matter of a few short minutes before those irritated nerve endings are soothed and your pain begins to subside. We recommend using Spagyrics Elixir up to 4 times a day for maximal relief.

Swift and precise pain relief

Our proprietary formulation combined with purified plant extracts and multiple soothing essential oils makes the Spagyrics Neuropathy Foot Pain Relief Elixir the best of both worlds when it comes to treating neuropathic pain. Be it burning or stabbing or pricking or tingling; our elixir provides precisely aimed high efficacy pain relief with fast absorption into the skin, all in a single 2 FL OZ bottle.

Free from Side Effects

We pride ourselves on our Spagyrics Elixirs. They contain purified natural ingredients that allow our products to have virtually no side effects, and hence, completely and confidently safe and hypoallergenic to use over almost any skin type.